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2007 Lotus Exige

S Supercharged Coupe
2007 Lotus Exige S Supercharged
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2007 Lotus Exige S Supercharged - Photo 60
About This Lotus
2007 Lotus Exige
S Supercharged Coupe
VIN #: SCCVC11157HL80764
Used Clear Title
1.8L L4 PFI DOHC 16V Super Charged
6 Spd Manual
Rear Wheel Drive
Exterior Color:
Storm Titanium Metallic
Interior Color:
Interior Surface:
Balance of Factory Warranty
City MPG:
Hwy MPG:
Actual rating will vary with options, driving conditions, habits and vehicle condition. 

Vehicle History Report

Vehicle Overview

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Featured is a RARE 2007 LOTUS EXIGE S SUPERCHARGED 220 in SHOWROOM condition. This is a 1-OWNER car with UNDER 4,050 MILES. The exterior of the car is finished in beautiful Storm Titanium Metallic complimented by a pristine Black leather interior with black alcantara accents and contrasting silver aluminum trim - an absolutely STUNNING combination. VIN: [SCCVC11157HL80764]

This 6-speed Lotus Exige S Supercharged 220 is loaded to the gills with all the desirable factory options. This particular car comes with Stunning Storm Titanium Metallic paint ($590), Touring Package ($1,350), Track Package ($2,495), Traction Control ($495), and Starshield ($995). Don't miss the chance to own a 2007 Lotus Exige S Supercharged 220 with almost EVERY SINGLE OPTION AVAILABLE!

The Lotus Exige arrived on American shores in 2006 as a hardtop coupe version of the company's Elise roadster. The 2007 Lotus Exige is easily the most focused performance car on sale in the U.S. Lightness is its key ingredient, as this rear-drive, mid-engine two-seater weighs in at just over 2,000 pounds - about 850 less than a Porsche Cayman. As such, the Exige is capable of sub-5-second 0-60-mph times despite the fact that its power source is a maniacally revving, 1.8-liter Toyota engine rated for all of 190 hp. The car's aluminum chassis is capable of handling much more, though, so Lotus engineers bolted on a supercharger for 2007, creating the 220-hp Lotus Exige S. Not only is the S quicker in a straight line, it's faster through the slalom.

The 2007 Lotus Exige S is quite literally the fastest production car to ever run through the 600-foot cone course. It's here that the Exige's body modifications over the Elise, including its fixed roof panel, sculpted engine cover, front air splitter and rear wing, make a difference, providing an extra 90 pounds of downforce that glues the car to the pavement at high speeds. This gets to the heart of what the Exige, in regular or S form, is all about: This coupe was built for no other purpose than to carve up corners, whether on a racetrack or a favorite back road. The featherweight Exige responds immediately to driver inputs and does so with minimal lean or roll.

It looks like a spaceship and drives like a go-kart. The new Lotus Exige S is also likely to turn heads as effectively as the new Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, but for barely a quarter of the price. The missile-like shape of the Exige's body may be eye-catching, but it's also quite functional. The goal is to not only cheat the wind by reducing drag, but also to use aerodynamics to maximize grip. The composite rear wing and rear diffuser contribute much of the car's nearly 100 pounds of downforce. A small scoop, mounted at the front of the sloping engine cover, funnels air back to the intercooler.

Power for the standard 2007 Lotus Exige comes from a Toyota-sourced 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine. Lotus has fitted unique intake and exhaust components, as well as a reworked engine controller, to broaden the engine's power band and push peak hp to 190 at 7,800 rpm. Torque peaks at 138 lb-ft at 6,800 rpm. The Exige S adds a Roots-type supercharger supplying 7.25 psi of boost, which results in ratings of 220 hp at 8,000 rpm and 165 lb-ft of torque at 5,500 rpm. All Lotus Exiges have a six-speed manual gearbox. For the standard Exige, Lotus claims a 0-60 time of just 4.9 seconds and a drag-limited top speed of 147 mph. We've timed an Exige S at 4.2 seconds for the 0-60 sprint, and Lotus says 3.9-second runs are possible. Fuel economy, at 23city/29highway in the Exige S, is quite respectable. Of course, as anyone who drove the Elise quickly realized, the little roadster was about far more than straight-line acceleration. That's even more the case with the Exige S, with its track-inspired suspension and aerodynamics.

Acceleration is matched by the Exige's stopping power: four 11.5-inch, vented, cross-drilled discs provide pleasantly predictable and linear braking. There's a handsome wheel that's also just right to the touch. The appointments are mostly functional aluminum, with a sort of stripped-down aerospace feel. The seats are designed to hold you firmly in place, yet they proved surprisingly comfortable, even after a long day of street and track driving.

Because of its 1-ton curb weight, super-sticky tires and unassisted steering, the 2007 Lotus Exige is pretty much the most precise-handling car available at any price. No other car feels more eager to go where it's pointed and no other car speaks to its driver as clearly in the process. The brakes are simply phenomenal, though, and provide fade-free performance in nearly every situation.

Considering the Exige's performance potential, the price of admission for the street version is relatively modest. But this is not a mass-market car. Lotus doesn't plan on importing more than about 200-300 Exiges. And for the eventual handful of owners, the street-legal racecar experience won't get any better than this. The 2007 Lotus Exige is a two-seat, rear-wheel-drive, midengine coupe, and buyers can choose either the normally aspirated base Exige or the supercharged Exige S version. The street-legal Exige comes with a CD player and air-conditioning as standard (though the A/C can be deleted to save weight). Several option packages offer a bit of customization.

The $1,350 Touring Package aims to slightly improve comfort through leather seating, power windows, upgraded audio system with iPod Connector, additional sound-deadening material and full carpeting.

The $2,495 Track Package includes adjustable Bilstein Dampers with Remote Front Reservoirs with Threaded Spring Perches, five-way adjustable front sway bar, an additional rear suspension brace, and interior fittings for a race-oriented harness.

This car is very well optioned with just the Touring and Track packages. If this weren't enough, this car is special because of some of the other notable independent options that it has. It is equipped with the Starsheild Package ($995) - A clear Protection Film applied to nose of car, rocker panels, exterior mirrors and lower rear panels. This particular car is finished in Storm Titanium Metallic paint ($590). This Lotus Exige S Supercharged also has Traction control ($495), which is activated with a console switch and can improve traction under difficult conditions; this truly is one of the only supercars YOU CAN DRIVE IN ANY CLIMATE!!!

This 2007 SUPERCHARGED Lotus Exige S comes with ALMOST FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS IN ADDITIONAL TASTEFUL AUDIO UPGRADES AND PERFORMANCE MODIFICATIONS!!! You will not come across another Lotus Exige S that has the sound quality and looks to match this one! There was no expense spared on this particular car - ONLY THE BEST PARTS HAVE BEEN PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED ON THIS LOTUS! Here is a list of some of the major upgrades this vehicle has:

Audio Upgrades
Professionally Installed JL AUDIO Front and Rear Speakers
Professionally Installed JL AUDIO 500/5 5-Channel Amplifier
Professionally Installed JL AUDIO W6 10" Subwoofer
Professionally Installed JL AUDIO CUSTOM Subwoofer Box

Performance Upgrades
Foglights - Dealer-installed front foglights for additional visibility with Lotus OEM dash panel - ALMOST NO OTHER EXIGE HAS THIS UPGRADE!
Sector111 MicroMIRROR - Eliminates the blind spot caused by the stock mirror (This item is included in its original packaging with install instructions)

This 2007 Lotus Exige S Supercharged has the factory black forged aluminum wheels. The wheel sizes are 16"X6" in the front and 17"x7.5" in the rear. The wheels are in great condition. The tire sizes are 195/50R16 in front and 225/45R17 in the rear. The wheels are wrapped in the very expensive Yokohama Advan Neova A048 LTS Ultra Performance tires. These super-sticky tires were recently installed and have plenty of life remaining, about 85% all around. Even with the huge amount of power from this Supercharged engine, this car has tons of traction and grip; it REALLY PULLS UNBELIEVEABLY HARD! Driving this car is an experience you will not forget! This car has a factory installed Cobra alarm system, which features a fantastic anti-theft and keyless entry system with Engine Immobilizer. We have 2 Keys/Fobs/Alarm Remotes for this car with the original books, and maintenance/service records.

This car is in excellent shape and its condition is consistent to a car right off the showroom floor both inside and out! The body is clean and free of any major blemishes, scratches, or dents. Like any used car there might be various minor imperfections around the car from everyday driving. The interior is in excellent shape and was obviously well-maintained by a non-smoker. THIS CAR EVEN HAS THE ORIGINAL FACTORY PLASTIC PROTECTION STICKER ON THE STEERING WHEEL EMBLEM!! The A/C blows strong and ice cold. Don't miss this opportunity to own one of the BEST PERFORMING CARS EVER MADE!

Like all of our inventory cars, we had it inspected and serviced and it passed with a clean bill of health - This car is literally in SHOWROOM CONDITION! We have also done a complete fluid change and inspection including oil change! Due to the extremely soft compound tires on this supercar, a set of tires has recently been installed less than a thousand miles ago! This 2007 Lotus Exige S Supercharged also comes with the balance of the Factory Warranty from Lotus, which provides its new owner with the priceless peace of mind when buying a used performance car and is worth its weight in gold. This SUPERCHARGED Lotus Exige S has FULL FACTORY WARRANTY until 11/04/2009 or 36K MILES. We can get an extended FACTORY warranty beyond 36K miles for the new owner for a fraction of the price.

We can't stress how hard it is to find a 2007 Lotus EXIGE S SUPERCHARGED 220 in this condition with such low mileage - THIS CAR LOOKS SHOWROOM NEW! This is a well-cared-for vehicle previously owned by non-smoker. This truly is a one of a kind Exige S that turns heads everywhere it goes. If you want to get attention like a movie star, this is the car for you!! Here is your chance to get a deep discount on a mint Lotus Exige S that originally cost almost $70K BRAND NEW BEFORE ALL OF THE EXPENSIVE UPGRADES!!

This car is CARFAX Certified with no known accidents. This car is fully serviced and ready to go for its new owner. We are a CARFAX CERTIFIED DEALERSHIP and please click on the "VIEW FREE REPORT" at the top of the page to view the FREE CARFAX REPORT that we have supplied. This car is a 1-owner vehicle. If the link is non-active for any reason, please contact us and we will be glad to send it to you.

Contact Information

Exclusive Auto Imports Pompano Beach FL

Exclusive Auto Imports

2717 NW 19th Street
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

Jonathan Angel
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Options & Features

Ext / Int Color
Storm Titanium Metallic with Black Leather/Suede Interior
Luxury Features
Air Conditioning
Climate Control System
Digital Information Center
Leather Gear Shifter
Leather Steering Wheel
Power Equipment
Power Locks
Power Windows
Safety Features
Anti-Lock Brakes
Daytime Running Lights
Driver's Air Bag
Dynamic Stability Control
Fog Lights
Intermittent Wipers
Keyless Entry
Passenger Air Bag
Security System
Traction Control System
Carpeted Floor Mats
Compass And Temperature Display
Sport Seats
Chrome Exhaust Tips
Premium Wheels
Rear Spoiler
Removable Hard Top
Wide Tires
Audio / Video

Incredible Alpine + JL Audio Custom sound system!!
5 Speaker System
Alpine System
Aux. Audio Input
CD Player
Premium Sound
Surround Sound
Additional Features

Features & Specifications *

  • 1.8L DOHC MPFI 16-valve aluminum alloy mid-mounted supercharged I4 engine
  • 6-speed manual transaxle w/OD
  • Independent front/rear suspension w/Eibach coil springs & Bilstein gas shock absorbers
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Front stabilizer bar
  • P195/50R16 Yokohama A048 Advan LTS performance front tires
  • P225/45R17 Yokohama A048 Advan LTS performance rear tires
  • 16" x 6.5" front aluminum wheels
  • 17" x 7.5" rear aluminum wheels
  • Inflatable spare tire kit
  • Pwr rack & pinion steering
  • Front AP Racing/rear Brembo pwr vented cross-drilled disc brakes
  • 4-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Stainless steel silencer w/dual chrome exhaust tips
  • Vehicle Name : Lotus Exige
  • Body Style : 2 Door
  • Drivetrain : Rear Wheel Drive
  • EPA Classification : Two Seater
  • Base Curb Weight (lbs) : 2077
  • Engine Type : Gas I4
  • Displacement : 1.8L/110
  • Fuel System : MPFI
  • SAE Net Horsepower @ RPM : 220 @ 7800
  • SAE Net Torque @ RPM : 165 @ 5500
  • Trans Type : 6
  • Trans Description Cont. : Manual w/OD
  • First Gear Ratio (:1) : 3.12
  • Second Gear Ratio (:1) : 2.05
  • Third Gear Ratio (:1) : 1.48
  • Fourth Gear Ratio (:1) : 1.17
  • Fifth Gear Ratio (:1) : 0.92
  • Sixth Gear Ratio (:1) : 0.82
  • Reverse Ratio (:1) : 3.25
  • Final Drive Axle Ratio (:1) : 4.53
  • Suspension Type - Front : Independent
  • Suspension Type - Rear : Independent
  • Suspension Type - Front (Cont.) : w/Coil Springs
  • Suspension Type - Rear (Cont.) : w/Coil Springs
  • Steering Type : Pwr
  • Turning Diameter - Curb to Curb (ft) : 32.8
  • Brake Type : Pwr
  • Brake ABS System : 4-Wheel
  • Disc - Front (Yes or ) : Yes
  • Disc - Rear (Yes or ) : Yes
EPA Fuel Economy & Specification
* These are the standard features and specifications for this vehicle. Actual features may vary.
  Please see the details for this vehicle above.

Vehicle Condition

Service History
4,050 Miles
One Owner
All Regular Scheduled Maintenance Performed
Passed Thorough Dealer Inspection
Dealer Maintained
Have Service Records
Have Original Manuals
Have All Keys
No Known Mechanical Problems
Balance of Factory Warranty. FULL FACTORY WARRANTY UNTIL 11/04/09 OR 36K MILES!. Contact seller for details.
Condition Report
Excellent Interior
Excellent Carpets
Excellent Seats
Excellent Dashboard
Excellent Panels / Headliner
Excellent Exterior
Excellent Original Paint
Excellent Trim Condition
Excellent Glass Condition
No Visible Dents
No Visible Rust
No Known Accidents
No Known Bodywork
Fully Detailed
Tires & Wheels
Yokohama Tires
Front Size: 195/50/R16
Rear Size: 225/45/R17
85% Tread Remaining
Front: 16" Premium Wheels
Rear: 17" Premium Wheels
Factory Black Forged Aluminum Lightweight Wheels
No Spare
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Terms of Sale Overview

We reserve the right to end this listing at anytime should the vehicle no longer be available for sale. The following terms of sale apply to all of our listings.
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Vehicle Representation
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